Mini survey

Scheveningen, the number one bathing resort in the Netherlands, is a lively place where everyone is welcome. But sometimes it gets too busy. That can lead to unpleasant and sometimes even unsafe situations. That is something we want to avoid. So visitors can really enjoy their free time, residents can live comfortably and entrepreneurs can receive their guests with a warm welcome.

To this end, the Municipality of The Hague has started a trial on the boulevard. Cameras that only count the number of people in various places are installed. In other words, no one can be recognised in the images.

This way, smart technology will help the enforcers. So they always know in time where to go before it gets too crowded. The goal is to improve the flow and distribution of people. So that Scheveningen remains a wonderful place…for everyone!

The Municipality of The Hague would like to hear your opinion. All answers are counted and ultimately displayed in %. So you will always remain anonymous. Your e-mail address will not be stored or used for other purposes. The Municipality of The Hague respects your privacy.

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